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Double success for ENEX

We are proud to inform that Sonny Yuen, Managing Director at JonDavidson Pte Ltd, has been awarded the Eminent Business Alumni Awards 2018 by NUS Business School. This award is made in recognition of his distinctive leadership and achievement in the field of business and management competencies.

The NUS Business School Eminent Business Alumni Awards is a highly prestigious award which raises awareness of outstanding alumni and honours their noteworthy achievements and contribution to society. For further information, please visit the website. Please find NUS press release here.  

Mario Gibertoni, President at Studiobase Partner, has been awarded the designation of ICMCI ACADEMIC FELLOW by the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes. This award is made in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the management consulting profession. Over the last years only 40 people worldwide have been awarded by the ICMCI, among them only two Italians, Mario is one of them.

At the global level, the ICMCI’s goal is to elevate the standards of management consultants worldwide, and to provide the international community with the confidence that these standards, combined with the certification process of its member institutes, ensure that CMCs serve their clients with world-class competency and professionalism. For further information, please visit the website:

Mission, Courage, Morality – my understanding of leadership

Leadership means having a mission, being courageous, leading the way as a driving force while keeping morality as your top priority. During times in which change is the only reliable constant, leadership qualities are more sought-after than ever. However, these qualities must be represented in an authentic way to move, convince motivate and, of course, lead people. Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Grube has exhibited this quality during this year‘s DDIM.spezial in a most impressive manner. Read more.

For a visual insight into the event, click here to get to our YouTube trailer.

ENEX Conference 2018

Our ENEX Conference 2018 will take place in Europe from April 26th to 27th, 2018. Thank you Ian Irvin and Marcus Wood who will host us, in London.

New website from our partner Mentorprise

The Belgian ENEX Partner Mentorprise, announces it’s new website today. You can check it out at:

ENEX Conference 2017

Our ENEX Conference 2017 will take place in Asia from March 16th to 17th, 2017. Thank you Desmond Ong and Sonny Yuen from JonDavidson Pte Ltd who will host us, in Singapore.